AutoCAD tip

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This was a “fun” find. Somehow, viagra usa cialis sale someway, cialis sale there I managed to lose my right click abilities on my mouse within autocad. No shortcut menu. No Enter command. No anything. I went to right click a wall to edit the display properties, capsule and nothing. Long story short…googled a solution […]

Sumner Design Commision

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The City of Sumner, viagra sale treatment Washington, nurse is looking to fill some volunteer positions on their Design Commission. All interested planners, sale landscape architects, contractors, engineers are encouraged to apply. Great chance to see how the public meeting process works, and to see how other professionals prepare and present their work to a […]

How not to prune a city tree.

How not to prune a city tree.

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Trees add to the pedestrian experience when walking in a city. They provide color, buy cialis for sale texture, viagra shade, habitat for birds, and they clean our air. It’s too bad when a city plants a tree and then mutilates it with excessive pruning.