Home and Living Space – Single Family

Seneca Home, Olympia, WA (Design & Construction)

Hall Home Renovation, Lacey, WA (Design & Construction)

McGrath Bunk House and Garage,  Orcas Island, WA *

McCormick Studio and Garage, Orcas Island, WA *

Mahlstadt Guesthouse, Cosmopolis, WA *

Rostedt Home, Montesano, WA *

Voegtlin Home, Orcas Island, WA *

Bitar Home Restoration, Hoquiam, WA *

Policani Home Addition, Hoquiam, WA *

Weisenberg Home Renovation, Hoquiam, WA *

Fournier Home Renovation, Union, WA *

Graves Bunkhouse and Garage, Orcas Island, WA *

Robinson Niemi Home Addition, Olympia, WA **

Floberg Home, Olympia,WA **

Bartleson Home, Olympia, WA **

Boone Home, Olympia, WA **

Benner Home Renovation, Olympia, WA **

Berry Home, Olympia, WA **

Duncan Home Renovation, Olympia, WA **

Vanek Home Renovation, Olympia, WA **

Elston Home, Vaugn, WA **

Wright Home Documentation, Olympia, WA **

Bandrevick Home, Idaho **

Olson Home Renovation, Olympia, WA **

Bishop Home, Olympia, WA **

Norton Home Renovation, Federal Way, WA

Tree House, Olympia, WA (Design & Construction)

Hartman Deck Expansion, Olympia, WA

Alvord Residence, Wilkeson, WA

Cummings Residence, Lake Tapps, WA


Home and Living Space РMulti-Family 

Copper Leaf Residences, Olympia, WA (In For Permit) ***

The 321 LOFTS, Olympia, WA (COMPLETE) ***

CPI 12th Avenue Apartments, Lacey, WA **

South Bend Condominium Project, South Bend, WA *

Dreisbach Group Home, Olympia, WA **

Camp Solomon Schecter Cabin Renovations, Tumwater, WA (Design & Construction)

Home & Living Spaces

  • Residential
  • Restoration

At left is a list of some of the home and living spaces we've had the opportunity to contribute our services to.

* Projects with Street Lundgren & Foster Architects
** Projects with Morton Safford James III Architects
*** Projects with Thomas Architecture Studio